AMA with Arthur Breitman, co-founder of Tezos

Hey Hashnoders,

We're having an AMA with Arthur Breitman today at 2 pm EST . He worked as a programmer at Google X, the self-driving car division and also worked as a quantitative analyst for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Arthur graduated from the École Polytechnique and the Courant Institute of NYU where he studied applied mathematics.

With engineering, programming, and mathematical skills under his belt, he soon transitioned to the world of blockchain. He was interested in the development of Bitcoin and after a couple of years co-founded Tezos — a blockchain platform which provides smart contracts, has built-in governance system, and facilitates formal verification. Unlike the majority of blockchain platforms, it uses the delegated proof of stake consensus. At the time, they had the biggest ICO ever and raised $228,185,796 for their platform.

This is another unique opportunity to ask a true blockchain and crypto expert anything you ever wanted to know about blockchain development, consensus mechanisms, what makes Tezos and their "self-amending" system different from others, ICOs, and other similar topics.

We’re looking forward to reading your questions!

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