Francesc Campoy Flores is hosting an AMA on Hashnode

Hey Hashnoders and Gophers,

🎉We're happy to announce that Francesc Campoy Flores will host an AMA on the 6th of December at 2pm PST . 🎉

He's the VP of Developer Relations at source{d} and has a passion for developer relations, specifically when it comes to Go and anything that can help developers be more productive and happier.

Previously, Francesc was a Developer Advocate for the Go team at Google and for Google Cloud Platform. He has been working closely with the Go team at Google since 2012, and his goal has always been to make the language as accessible as possible to everyone. He also started a YouTube channel JustForFunc that focuses on talk recordings and screencasts about Go and the Google Cloud Platform.

Feel free to ask Francesc anything about:

  1. Golang,
  2. Golang tooling,
  3. Machine learning in general and machine learning on code,
  4. Open source, and
  5. JustForFunc Youtube channel.

Don't hesitate to ask him anything you ever wanted to ask a true Golang expert 👨‍💻

As always, feel free to reach out and let us know who would you like us to invite next.

Milica Maksimović

I'm a marketer, technophile, gamer, coffee lover, geek and a bunch of other things. Feel free to send me a message on Hashnode or follow me on other social media. 👩‍💻

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nice! I loved his talk about the robust architecture in go vs erlang :)

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