Hashnode weekly - A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.

"A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street." - Doug Linder - Tweet this quote

The best discussions from the past week

Is preferring to hire minorities discriminatory?

E.g. women or non-white people are underrepresented in tech. Should they be given preferential treatment during the hiring process?

Light theme vs Dark theme for IDEs and text editors

What's the most familiar theme for you? I'm more familiar with light themes, but I use flux to reduce unwanted glare comes from white background, and it gives me perfect adjustment for my eyes.

Would you comment on a sexist job ad?

I was scrolling through some closed Facebook groups and saw an interesting job ad. The required skillset was pretty standard, and then I read this...

Developers = Minimalist?

In general, would you say that developers tend to be a tech minimalist when it comes to their general computing?

Wappler = The beginning of the end of coding?

This tool looks very promising to me. Will it be the beginning of the end of manual hand-coding? Can something like this radically automate my freelancing business?

"Everything Bucket" for coders?

Do you use an "Everything Bucket" app or a personal wiki type app for your coding, things like maintaining code snippets archive and programming notes?

Should we have consistent codebase structuring for all app sizes?

Does structuring code depend on apps size? Or should it be consistent? What happens when a small or medium-sized app becomes large over the period?

The best blog posts from the last week

A UDP server and client in Go

While it’s prevalent to see implementations of TCP servers in Golang, it’s not very common to see the same when it comes to UDP. There are many differences between UDP and TCP, but by using Go it feels like these two are pretty much alike, except for little details that arise from each protocol specifics. If you feel like some Golang UDP knowledge would be valuable, make sure you stick to the end.

The Future is API

In an ever fast paced developing world where new projects and competitors all the time rise and not so old one falls, it requires products to develop and expand outside it's own borders to stay in demand. This is where APIs come in and why they keep being pushed on to existing products.

Just Launched: Free My Desktop for Mac

I’ve been doing some screen recordings lately and I needed a way to quickly hide my desktop while recording and flip it back to visible once done in succession. I made this simple menubar app in under an hour, that can be toggled on and off by a simple tap. On top of showing and hiding the desktop, it also works for the dock and the menubar.

Picked answers of the week

M's answer to "Is developing a large scale system really one of critical factors leading to becoming a good developer?"

"Developing large systems is qualitatively different from small projects. In addition to what you mention, an important factor is that you won't know and understand all the code.."

J's answer to "Is developing a large scale system really one of critical factors leading to becoming a good developer?"

"Does driving a car make you a better cyclist? I don't know :) .... I help build really large applications. I mean petabyte of data in a week and real-time communications with millions of users and clients..."

Jos Fabre's answer to "Should I wait for my dream job or move on?"

"Tell them! Show 'm your enthousiasm. And ask them straight up if they are really interested and will have you for a face-to-face later this week…"

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