Kevin Owocki from Gitcoin is hosting an AMA on Hashnode

Hey Hashnoders,

🎉We're happy to announce that Kevin Owocki is hosting an AMA today at 2pm EST on Hashnode. 🎉

Kevin is on the path to empower a value-oriented distributed movement which will change and grow open source space. Gitcoin is an Ethereum-based platform that connects open source projects with developers and remunerates them for pull requests made to projects. Since it's launch in November 2017, Gitcoin has helped 236 funders reach an audience of 14,542 developers. They have facilitated 2,094 complete transactions to 604 unique coders and distributed over $370,000 in bounties.

Unlike the majority of blockchain projects, they believe that tokens/tokenization are just an early use case of the 'open source financial system'. For Gitcoin, being first doesn't mean it's the best and they aren't interested in building their token.

Kevin is open to all sorts of questions related to:

  1. Gitcoin and its use
  2. Developing Dapps in 2018
  3. The current state of Blockchain
  4. Developing Blockchain platforms
  5. Open source projects
  6. and other similar topics

Don't miss this unique opportunity to have a chat with an innovative blockchain developer such as Kevin. We're looking forward to reading your questions!

Milica Maksimović

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A cryptocurrency for Git ? sounds cool!

finally someone will appreciate our contribution to the open source LOL

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