Understanding Hashnode community guidelines

Hi Hashnoders,

Today, we wanted to discuss some growing pain points and remind all of us what Hashnode is and why we're here.

The whole community was built when Fazle and Sandeep realized that there are no places where you can ask an open-ended question, and expect to see an opinionated and a friendly answer. Most of the online developer communities are either hard to join, heavily moderated and in some cases fairly toxic.

Hashnode was built to be friendly, open, welcoming to beginners, and a safe place to have a development-oriented discussion. As the community grew, we've set up a few guidelines which haven't changed to this day. These guidelines are here to help others understand what the goal is, to stop people from spamming and keep the tone of the discussions friendly.

Be helpful, and understanding. As developers, we’ll always have differences in opinions with the myriad of approaches to arrive at a solution to a problem. So, when you are participating in discussions, try to be helpful, and understanding; and try not to get carried away, and take anything personally.

As the community grows on a daily basis, it's hard for moderators to catch every spammer or to remind people to keep the discussion civil. This is why we added options to report spam or misbehaving users.

In case a person is not very friendly and the discussion takes the wrong turn, we tend to approach that person directly and try to remind them to keep things civil. Being praised publicly doesn't have the same effect as being approached in private. We start from the premise that sometimes people are not aware of their actions and try to voice our concerns in a friendly manner.

We do encourage discussions, but we don't allow people to badmouth others, offend them and insult their work. There is a huge difference in having a meaningful assertive communication and having a toxic environment where calling people and their projects names is considered to be normal. At Hashnode, toxicity will never be accepted and such comments, actions and toxic users can expect to get sanctioned and face moderation.

That being said, if you'd like to report any user or comment, all you have to do is click on those three dots and click on report. We are trying hard, but sometimes we might skip some comments or discussions.

Someone recently made a poll and asked the rest of the community to vote against one of our users. We want to make it clear that we haven't started it, and that such polls are not allowed. It takes a lot to get banned at Hashnode and me as a community manager as well as Fazle do our best to first get in touch with all the people who behave against our guidelines and explain that their actions are not acceptable. We're not one of those communities where people can get banned easily and we really try to be as transparent as possible. In case the report button is not enough for you, feel free to write to us at and we'll make sure to address all the issues and hear your opinion.

Please, let's keep Hashnode a safe space for all, and remind ourselves that we as a community need to grow and improve. Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to make this a better place for you.

Milica Maksimović

I'm a marketer, technophile, gamer, coffee lover, geek and a bunch of other things. Feel free to send me a message on Hashnode or follow me on other social media. 👩‍💻

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Hashnode is a really good community for all types of developers(Beginners, Intermediate, Expert). I am a newbie in React.js and I have asked few questions to solve some roadblocks in my react task. I was wondered, I got effective response some of our developers and it was really helpful. In other Dev forums it is really difficult to get answered a question nowadays. And the posts in hashnode are also really helpful.

Thanks Hashnode for being a friendly community for developers.

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This is exactly why I love Hasnode. It's hard to find safe spaces on the web. As a queer and trans person of color, I experience unsafe spaces everywhere. And, as a newbie developer, it's hard to find spaces where I won't feel like I'll be judged for not knowing something. Thanks for all the hard work you do. 💜

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Milica Being able to report replies in comments would be good too. Unless the whole post response (reply and comments) is supposed to be reported to ensure full context is provided?

Additionally, it's great to hear that the anon system you guys have in place is completely anonymous, great step forward in trust all round. Well done to the whole team :).

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It can be used to protect ones self from back lash (in whatever form that may take).

I think that's where I differ from most from others. I could give a flying purple fish about "backlash". I have some VERY unpopular opinions and have spent my LIFE being told not to even say them as it might "upset" people. Oh noes, not that, upsetting people with what I see as truth. I've been getting that malarkey since I was seven and dared to compare "the Almighty" to Santa and the Easter Bunny on the reality scale.

The platitudes and pleasantries that's shoved down everyone's gullet from "political correctness" on the left to "civility" on the right (same herp, different derp) are nothing more than attempts to control the narrative. Something the masses are duped into because it's all warm and fuzzy, and promoted most by those with an agenda to exploit those same masses to their own ends.

To that end there are some viewpoints, practices, and methodologies that no matter how popular they are, they are unworthy of respect and need to be shot down at every opportunity. But no, if it's a media darling it's off limits and you can't even be ALLOWED to say anything negative about it. The end result comes off more as something I'd expect from Kyle's mom:

Violence and death are fine so long as nobody uses any naughty words!

Firefox 2.x and 3.x didn't "leak memory", that's a feature! Bootcrap doesn't "piss all over the markup with presentational classes and a lack of leveraging semantics undoing twenty years of progress reverting to HTML 3.2 style practices" instead it gives greater control in the markup over appearance. React doesn't "encourage bad practices and move stuff into scripting that has no business being there telling large swaths of users to go plow themselves" it allows for the creation of more dynamic interfaces.

The whole mess ending up akin to Carlin's rant about "soft language" and euphemisms:

I'm waiting for a rape victim to be referred to as an unwilling sperm recipient.

Some things warrant the use of harsh direct honest language. Clutch the pearls and perish the thought! Anyone who says differently is either to apathetic about or ignorant of the topic being discussed to offer a valid counterpoint, or selling something.

... Life is pain highness.

Wesley and Buttercup

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What I found pathetic about said poll was they didn't even have the brass to put their name on it. JUST like how when "so offended' all they could do is go "wah wah is not" and complain about the language used, without being able to offer a single counterpoint to any of the arguments.

But sure, it was HOW it was being said that was the problem, sure it was.

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I understand the moderation is very important, but I hope you do not become Hashnode into Stack Overflow and into Quora because we do not like the dictatorship and the hostility towards newbies. Keep your project newbie-friendly.

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