Why I Use Both Linux and Windows

Why I Use Both Linux and Windows

A few years ago I completely moved away from Windows, and even wrote a blog post about it. I was sick and tired of it, but I also had to find a way to stop myself from gaming. I used to play League of Legends at least 3 hours per day, almost every day. On weekends... I guess even more.

Yes, you have games on Ubuntu, and I still gamed, but way less, and discovered a whole new world of gaming from a different, less addictive perspective.

I even had a 9 month-long relationship with Mac, and that didn't end well because of the hardware issues I faced. You end up losing a bunch of 💸💰💵 if anything breaks and those cables are built to snap in half during the night for no reason if you ask me. That's a whole other story on its own.

Then, I started working from home again...

Some apps are built with only Windows in mind

My printer, for example, doesn't have the same functionality on Windows and Ubuntu. I have more flexibility with its native Windows app. Let's not talk about the bank software or some legal work-related websites that required me to install some more things. So, I had to stick to Windows.

I just love League of Legends

After quite a long break, I started playing it again, just wayy less than before. I guess I'm at a much better place in life right now.

No funny bugs on Windows, but some bugs on Ubuntu

I have a laptop with 4 speakers. On Ubuntu, only 2 of them, the weaker ones, work. It's been like that for a year now, so I guess that won't change any time soon.

Private vs Professional space

Ubuntu is my playground. I can do whatever, even break stuff, and not worry about breaking anything work-related.

Windows is for League of Legends and work. That's it.

I always have a fallback option

If Windows breaks, I can work from Ubuntu. If I break Ubuntu, I'll just use Windows until I sort things out.

I got Windows for free

I didn't buy it, it already came preinstalled. That kind of made things easier for me.


As I've said in my previous article, just use the tool that fits your needs. If Windows works, then great, if it doesn't then find the right flavour of Linux and fix the problem you have.